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Golden Buckeye Program

The Golden Buckeye Program offers savings at local businesses that participate in the program. You can buy goods or services at a discount ranging from 20% to 50%. Most businesses that participate in the program display the Golden Buckeye logo on their door, in their window or at the checkout. Look for it wherever you shop. If you don't see it, ask if the business offers a discount for older customers. Prescription Drug Savings - The Golden Buckeye card now includes the Ohio's Best Rx prescription drug discount program. Best Rx lowers the cost of your prescription drugs if you do not have prescription drug insurance coverage. You can save an average of 30% to 40% on prescriptions at more than 2,300 participating pharmacies. Call Ohio's Best Rx toll-free (866) 923-7879 or visit http://www.ohiobestrx.org for more information, to look up drug prices, to find participating pharmacies and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible?

If you have an Ohio driver's license or state I.D. card, you will automatically receive a Golden Buckeye card the month of your 60th birthday. If you do not have a current license or State I.D, card or are under 60 years of age and have a disability, you can apply for a card at most public libraries and senior centers.

If your Golden Buckeye Card has been lost, stolen or damaged, call the program to request a replacement.

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